Maximize Drill Site Efficiency and Profitability by Choosing Northwest Flattanks Support Trucks

Northwest Flattanks is an employee owned company offering our customers the manufacturing of Flattanks Support Trucks V – or Flat bottom design in ranges of 400 to 4500 gallons for the Water Well Drilling, Mining, Mineral Explorations, Geothermal, Directional Boring, and Sonic Drilling industries, engineered for convenience and durability allows the user to operate at any type of drilling operation.

Northwest Flattanks has established a strong relationships with our customers we maintain a high commitment to excellence and we offer your company the satisfactory of a job well done.

Our company is manufacturing and finding unique solutions for Flattank Support Trucks, Water Well Development Flattank trailers, Flattank/VanBody, Sonic Van Tender Support trucks.



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Welding certificates FCAWG D1.1 UNL held by each of our employees