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Our Standard Flattanks Support Trucks

Offering Our Flattanks standard or customized to your specs, mounted on any truck chassis, includes pickups, single axle, tandem axle (lift axle) or tri drive truck chassis.
Our standard Flattanks are as follows: Standard Drillsite Water Tank (capacity app. 2100 Gallons) 21 feet of useable bed, x steel plate construction, 94.5 inches wide x 22 inches tall, total tank length is 23 feet 1 inch with 2 front verticals, Weather tight tool boxes. 10 gauge steel plate material - (4) horizontal boxes to truck fit, - (1) passenger side vertical 26 inches deep x 72 inches tall x 25 inches wide, (1) driver side vertical 20 inches deep x 72 inches tall x 25 inches wide, All boxes come with 10 gauge steel plate material doors, T handle latches all keyed alike, (2) 100 gallon fuel tanks with (4) 2 inch ports (2)x inch drains, sight glass, (9) 3/16 22 inches, baffled tank, EPA interior epoxy coating, front drill rod stopper height of vertical tool boxes & additional headache rack or cab guard bolted to top of verticals height of truck cab, 20 inch heavy duty fold down step or bumper with folding small side step, (4) welded on ratchet style tie down winches, with 30 feet straps, cargo winch bar, full length cargo tie down rail(s) pockets with stakes, (4) mud flaps 2 behind drivers (2) in front of drivers (2) tank fender cutouts so tank sits lower on truck frame (1) 4 inch, gravity water fill (1) 2/1/2 inches tank vent, discharge ports (all four corners) come with 2 inch brass ball valves 2 inches camlocks, (3) drains in the back (rear) (1) water level sight glass, (2) access ladder(s) one each side with grab handles, (2) 3 inches elevated from inside bottom of tank 6x6 inch sq. tube full length looped hose chamber(s), Led (lights), Sandblasted primed & painted with Sherman Williams Genesis paint, (solid color choice.)