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Flattank/VanBody Support Trucks

Flattanks/VanBody design is a new product offered By Northwest Flattanks designed for the Directional drilling industries fully enclosed Van Body 400 to 5000 gallon capacity with an internal Flattank built into Van 87" of head room for the operator to operator inside at harsh cold winter conditions fully insulated to safely enclose your pumps, welders, generators, pressure washers, and drilling tools.

Our Standard Flattank/VanBody Water Tank (capacity app. 2500 Gallons) 22.66 inches of useable bed, 96 inches wide x 22 inches tall, total tank length is 24 feet V Bottom Flattank design. Weather tight tool boxes. T handle latches all keyed alike, (1) 100 gallon antifreeze reservoir, Led (lights) Van body Length: 24 inches Width: 102 inches Height: 110 Radius Roof With Fiberglas Covering: Seamless, Roof Support: Bowed, I Beam Cross members on 24 inches Centers 100 inches Thick Extruded Aluminum Alloy Sidewalls, with Patented Snap lock Interlocking Upright Supports on 12 inch Centers (1) Hehr 24 inch x 24 inch Street Side Sliding Window With Screen, Centered Front To Back 60 inch H to Center of Window From Floor Level (1)36 inch W x 84 inch H (thru) Curb Side Door, With Interior/Exterior Latch Full Swing-Open Rear Doors With Cam lock Closure (12) Maxima MWL-07SP (or similar) 1500 Lumen LED Scene Lights: (6 inch x 4 inch x 2 inch) (6) Exterior Lights & Inset Boxes, (3) Per Side, Evenly spaced: (2) Maxima MWL-07SP (or similar) 1500 Lumen LED Scene Lights: (6 inch x 4 inch x 2 inch) Surface Mounted In Rear Roof Rail, Evenly Spaced (facing rear & downward) (1) Exterior Access Switch Box, With (5) Light Switches, LH Side of Door, 4 feet x 8 feet sheeted covering inside van body, Exterior LED Marker Lights Paint Single Stage White. (Note 87 inch of clearance inside van body)