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Water Well Development Flattanks Trailers

Water Well Development Flattanks Trailers Flat Water tank trailer V Bottom 80 inches wide x 18 feet long (102 inches W x 23 feet L Overall) 700 gallon tank capacity 216 inches L x 37 inches W 10 inches High 3/16 inches material (1) 3 inches water fill driver side front located (1) 2 inches rear drain each, inside epoxy center support tube clean water 10 inches x 6 inches x 3 feet 16 inches rec. tube 62 gallons of clean water 2 inches fill & (2) 1 inches pressure washer supply at front of hitch 2 inches drain at rear center, triangle storage expanded metal hitch with 8 inches C channel reinforce adjustable height hitch at front, two 7,000 axles with four 235/80R-16 inches tires and wheels with spare tire & wheel mounted, diamond plate steel fenders, 12K tongue jack, safety chains, 2.5 inches x 3/8 inches flat bar with receiver tube pockets sides & rear mounted Rub rail, D rings welded to customer specs, 3 row receiver tube mid deck stake pockets, removable drum rack 1/1/4 inches x 1/1/4 inches x .125 inches tubing with L brackets bottom welded, 2 ends of drum rack are 1/1/2 feet x 2 inch x .125 inch wall x 36 inch ID so drum fits inside the rack, and 2 inches x 2 inches x 3/16 inches steel frame to guard pressure washer, 1 inches full length cleanout pipe 1 per side with 3 - 7/16 inches drilled cleanout holes per baffle, (1) 4 inch bottom center clean out plug, 2 inch wear protected tubing welded to rear bottom, Top Lid Rhino lining, sandblasted primed & painted with Sherman Williams Genesis paints LED legal lighting