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Sonic Tender Support Trucks

Northwest Flattanks is manufacturing Sonic tender support trucks that can be built in ridged wall van or collapsible van styles. Flattank has water in the first 18' of bed, 12' of bed for rod racks, 6' of bed for pallet storage, 6' of bed for front pressure washer & welder mounting, small work table with drawers, shovel rack holder under welder & pressure washer mounts, welder & pressure mounting 4' in form the front sideways of each other, the whole bottom of tank is be fitted with horizontal tool boxes to truck fit, x (4), (4) 2" all corners drains with ball valves, & (1) rear center, (1) 4" gravity fill in front of drill rod stopper, 3 tie down winches, rear folding step platform 18" wide 25 ton pintle air & wiring to rear 7 prong plug, truck LED Lighting inside folding step platform, 3 led lighting pointed to rear of body, 2 led lighting to be inside the van compartment, heavy duty pintle plate welded to truck frame, Flammables cabinet 36" wide x 16 deep x 72" tall, 6" X 6" X 1/4 " square tube full length of water tank for tank structure, Dial sight glass, 20 lbs. fire extinguisher bracket mounted. Rod racks on both sides of Flattank unit mounted more towards the rear 1' in from the back, racks are able to store 10' drill steel front kick board, telescoping adjustable tubing on the tube rack holders with a c channel top, bit holders mounted in front of drill rod stopper, aluminum ladder and removable hand rails stairway to be stowed inside van & hooked on full length tie down rail. Table with chain vise on one side and bench vise. top of bed Anti slip tape, removable railings bolted to crane gantry & the rear 2" sliding in out of stake pockets 42" from top deck height, full length tie down rail with teletubing pockets every 20" on center.