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Flattanks/Gravel Support Truck

Standard Drillsite Water Tank (capacity app. 2345 Gallons) 17.04' of useable bed, steel plate construction, 56.5" wide x 60.375 tall, total tank length will be 18.5' long with 18" deep x 94.5" wide x 14" tall junk box built with tubing or angle & expanded metal the box will have sides for cargo control in transport, (4) horizontal tool boxes to truck fit x 24" deep x 21.5" tall 10 gauge steel plate material - ( All boxes come with 10 gauge steel plate material doors, T handle latches all keyed alike, (5) 3/16 22 baffled tank, EPA interior epoxy coating, (4) mud flaps (2) behind drivers (2) in front of drivers, water tank will be elevated from drives tires to keep tire clearance, (1) 4 gravity water fill located top front (1) 2.5" fill with check valve able to reach from ground male cam lock connection (1) 2.5 tank vent plumed to underneath of tank body, 2.5" rear discharge port butterfly valve & male cam lock connection, angle pipe racks length of bed casing will be hanging from front of bed 2 to 3' -19.250" inside measurements for pipe storage so it slides in - out easy note there will be a pan for pipe storage 10 gauge steel plate material the pipes will have a protection rear tailgate so pipes will not slide of the rear, tubing material, pipe will be hanging 2' to 3' out the rear 3 tie down provision will be welded to tank body for water truck transport, the sides underneath of the pipe racks will be storage capacity for like grout bags or bucket containers the length of bed, Led (lights)

3.5 yard capacity bin storage, dump style hoist 6 ton hoist capacity 16" of stroke on cylinder & the scissors type hoist will be able to lift the front of gravel bin 3' to 4' for sand or gravel flow, rear of sand container there will be a sliding rear gate for sand or gravel supply to well casing, note the sand or gravel container will be separate from the rest of water tank body pivot style at the rear, electric double action control power up power down 1 lever spring back to center control valve, operating pressure 3000/1000 PSI 25 gallon hydraulic reservoir