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1979 Speedstar SS15THH III

Type: Drilling Rig
Make: 1979 Speedstar SS15THH III
Model: 1979 Speedstar SS15THH III
1979 Speedstar SS15THH III

Truck Make: Crane Carrier (double front axle) Serial#: 1594-6
Model: SS15THH III
Engine: 290 Cummins
NTC 400/290 10648539
CDL# 0267
Family 093E
Motor Rebuilt 9/2017 (has 120 hours on motor since rebuild)
Transmission: Fuller 13 Speed. New in 2003
Differentials: Rockwell. Replaced Front Drive in 2014
Suspension: Hendrickson
Tires: Front tires new 2015
Rears: Probably 10 years old. Are in very good shape and
are deep lug mud tires

Drilling Rig: SS15 THH III: Top head drive
This drilling rig drilled a total of 23,355 between & 2002 and 2012 (compressor rebuilt in 2012). It drilled another 24,240 from 2012-2017 and has only drilled 140 since 2017.
Casing Hammer: Wheling 1200
Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5x6
Compressor: LeRoi 256S2 (re-built August of 2012)

Have Manuals for truck & rig and R&M records for almost every component on
the truck and rig since the day we purchased it (March of 1989)