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2015 Kenworth T800 Flattanks Support Truck

Type: Flattank
Make: 2015 T800 Kenworth Flattank Support Truck
Model: 2015 T800 Kenworth Flattank Support Truck
2015 T800 Kenworth, ISX Cummins 550HP, 2050 Torque
Jake Brake, Cruise, Power Windows, Power locks.
20,000 front axle, 46,000 rears, 4 way Lockers.
18 speed transmission, 4:30 gear ratio
30" sleeper, Full Double Frame, all aluminum wheels
301,017 Total Miles.

2019 - Standard Drillsite Water Tank (capacity app. 2100 Gallons) 21' of useable bed, steel plate construction, top, sides, front and rear gables, 3/8" bottom plate, 94.5" wide x 24 tall, total tank length is 231 with (2) front verticals, Weather tight tool boxes. 10 gauge steel plate material - (4) horizontal boxes front of drivers 38.5" long x 24" deep x 22" Tall (2) rear of drivers 29" long x 24" deep x 22" tall - (1) passenger side vertical 26 deep x 72" tall x 25" wide, (1) driver side vertical 20" deep x 72" tall x 25" wide, All boxes come with 10 gauge steel plate material doors, T handle latches all keyed alike, (latches option) (2) 100 gallon fuel tanks with (4) 2 ports (2) drains, sight glass, (9) 3/16 22 baffled tank, EPA interior epoxy coating, front drill rod stopper height of vertical tool boxes & additional headache rack or cab guard bolted to top of verticals height of truck cab, 4 welded on ratchet style tie down winches welded to passenger side, with 30 winch straps, cargo winch bar, full length cargo tie down rail(s) pockets with square tube stakes, (4) mud flaps (2) behind drivers (2) in front of drivers (2) tank fender cutouts so tank sits lower on truck frame (1) 4 gravity water fill behind crane base, (1) 2/1/2 tank vent, (fills & vent we can option), discharge ports (all four corners) come with 2 brass ball valves 2 camlocks, (1 3" Rear center drain with plug (1) water level sight glass, (2) access ladder(s) one each side with grab handles, (2) 3" elevated from inside bottom of tank 6"x 6" 3/8" sq. tube full length looped hose chamber(s), Led (lights), Sandblasted primed & painted with Sherman Williams Genesis paints- Beige Color Scheme - Tank Serial # 09222019
12 Volt 20 gallon per minute fuel transfer pump includes plumbing, wiring of pump on-off inside truck cab
35' 1" fuel hose reel w/ auto nozzle, mounted inside driver vertical cabinet able to reach from ground includes all plumbing from pump to reel
torch locker passenger side vertical tool box, storage hooks, 1 shelving 10" down from top, with 50' torch reel mounted in torch cabinet, tie down winch bar is mounted in front corner.
4 work lights installed on truck cab guard (two) light up the back, (two) one light up each side, switch in truck cab
2 row mid deck stake pockets, w/ 20" above deck height tube stakes 2" x 2" x 1/4" stakes interchangeable with the outside stake rail - 4 each side. the deck is divided into 3 sections, all the stake dividers can be taken out and make it into 1 or 2 sections.
crane function module wired into truck computer for operating of crane with wireless radio remote, truck start & stop, idle up & down with radio remote so operator can keep a safe distance from crane boom
IMT Model 7500 material handling stick boom wireless radio remote crane Serial # 7500181488