Available Options

Horizontal Tool Cabinets

Custom build your horizontal tool cabinets flush bottom design, or 2" lip turned up, building these at any length or to truck fit.

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Welder Mounts

Welder Mounts or custom mount your own

Ranger 305 LPG Engine Driven Welder (Kohler) K2937-1
Top Features
Multi-Process Welding
Digital Weld Meters
Superior Arc Performance
10,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
25 HP Kohler LPG Engine
Processes Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging

Miller Trailblazer 325 EFI Kohler Engine Welder/Generator (907512)

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Diamond Deck Plate

Top diamond deck plate is provided upon request & availability only.

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Discharge Ports

Discharge Ports are available in all sizes our most standard are (5) total 1 in each corner & 1 in rear center size 2" with brass ball valves & cam locks.

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Drawer With Bearing Slides

Drawers are only available upon request know your locations size and the quantity of drawers, lock open & lock closed design.

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Front Mount Braden Winch

Front Mount Braden Hydraulic Control Winch choose your cable size, your length of cable and your hook design, our most standard is 5/8" x 100' of cable, front feathered operated lever controlled & in cab on or off Bi directional.

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Fuel Transfer Pumps & Fuel Hose Reels

12 volt 20 to 25 gallon Fuel Transfer Pumps, 3/4" x 50' 75' or 1" x 35' 50' 75' 100' Fuel Hose Reels available upon request.

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Work Lights

Work Lights installed upon request

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Safety Railings

Safety Railings upon request we can build them out of a steel or aluminum customize or choose form the available options.

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Material Handling Knuckle & Stick Boom Cranes

Material Handling Knuckle & Stick Boom Cranes available in different sizes & lengths all of our Crane operated vehicles are stability tested at 18% more then the crane is rated at for truck stability.
Start & stop your truck with your crane wireless radio remote control, so the operator can keep a safe distance from the load.

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Trash Or Mud Pumps

The Series 300, 400, and 500 the 2", 3", and 4" Bowie Pumps are designed and recommended to be operated not to exceed 400 RPM and not in excess of 100 PSI of pressure. At this speed the 2" Bowie Pump will deliver approximately 140 GPM at no discharge pressure. The 3" Bowie Pump will deliver approximately 238 GPM. The 4" Bowie Pump will deliver approximately 310 GPM.

The Series 8100 and 9100 are designed and recommended to be operated not to exceed 780 RPM. At this speed either size will deliver approximately 48 GPM and not in excess of 100 PSI of pressure.

Our Most Standard is a 3" Bowie water transfer pump, installed so it will draft & push water or bi- directional rotation, comes with hose & fittings inside tool box , hydraulic selector valve.

3" Suction, Trash Pump, 396 GPM, 95 ft. MAX Head; Honda GX-240

This is Multiquip's most popular pump model. The QP3TH is perfect for many pumping applications from dewatering to water tank and water truck use. Dual discharge ports increase the productivity and practicality of this gasoline-powered trash pump.

Features to tackle the demanding requirements of the Pro Contractors.
Trusted 7.9HP Honda GX240 gasoline engine.
Automatic low oil shutdown for the engine is a standard feature.
Pumps water with solid content as large as 1.5-inch (37 mm) in diameter.
Maximum lift of 25 feet (7.6 meters).
Can pump up to 396 gallons (1,500 liters) per minute.
Dual 3-inch discharge ports to adapt to different applications.
Silicon/silicon mechanical seal for durability.
Large cleanout cover removes in seconds without tools.
Tubular Steel frame for transportation and pump protection.
Cast Iron impeller and volute for abrasion resistance/long life.
Aluminum body with cast-iron fittings.

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Customized Fuel Tanks Built

Available are options for our most standard & customized fuel tanks, our standard fuel tanks are built in between the 2 front vertical cabinets 2 - 100 gallon capacity on each side with a 12 volt 20 gallon per minute fuel pump installed so it drafts out of both tanks simultaneously.

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Mid Deck Stake Pockets Or Load Dividers

Choose your choice of mid deck stake pockets or load dividers to your custom needs, our most standard is 22" wide on center row or if there is a crane mounted 1 row is always flush with crane base, the tie down winches are in line with stake pockets so the load can be tied down with an uneven load.

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Drill Rod Stopper Or Bang Board

Available options for drill rod stopper or customize to suit your needs.

Our standard drill rod stopper is our default picture, 1/4" smooth plate welded upright to the verticals cabinets.

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Upright Vertical Cabinets

Available options to custom build your upright vertical cabinets or customize to suit your needs.

Our Standard vertical cabinets are as follows... passenger side torch box setup with 50'torch reel 25" wide x 26" deep x 72" high 3 hook hangers & 1 removable shelving above reel, driver side vertical is 25" wide x 20" deep x 72" high 3 removable shelving & a requested fuel reel of your size mounted inside bottom cabinet

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Rear Folding Step Platform Or Pintle Towing Hitch

Attached are available options for your folding rear step platform or towing hitch available in all towing capacity or customize to suit your needs.

Please Note the default picture is our Standard Pintle Hitch & a 20" Rear folding step.

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Safety Tie Down Winches

Safety tie down winches know your locations and quantity of winches our most standard are 4 winches welded to passenger side in line with the Mid deck stake pockets (if applicable)look on our Mid Deck stake pockets folder for our available options on the stake pockets.

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Welding Leads & 115 Volt Plumed To Custom Spec

Welding Leads & 115 Volt Plumed To Custom Spec please know that we can install tube through tank above welder placement to route the cables where you need them.

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Side Steps

Side steps are customized or choose from our available options.

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Tank Fills

Tank Fills Options: choose your tank fills that works best for you.

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